Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer Fiber Laser Systems?

Yes, IPG fiber laser is offered on the TLH Model.

2. What are the types of consumable gases used with the NTC laser systems?

Our lasers are CO2 laser resonators from PRC and Fanuc . The gases used are CO2, N2 & HE. The average cost of laser gases is $.07/hr of operation.

3. How efficient is the laser system?

Material changes are essentially all the downtime you should experience. Lasers have become a very robust industrial machine tool.

4. Does NTC use an offset head on the TLM 5-Axis machine?

No, a definite advantage of the NTC 5-Axis laser system is our single point steering head- the cutting head remains at a single point regardless of C and A axis rotation.

This makes teaching faster than offset head and also reduces costs associated with additional components of "offset" heads.

5. What type of laser do you sell?

CO2 and Fiber.

6. Do you sell complete laser systems including motion system?

Yes, Turnkey systems are available.

7. Do you sell both 3-Axis and 5-Axis laser systems?


8. What is the operating cost of the 3-Axis and 5-Axis systems?

3-Axis between $6.75 - $7.50 /HR*
5-Axis between $8.25 - $9.00/HR*
*Assist gases are not included.

9. What material thickness can be cut with a laser?

Mild Steel: up to 1" depending on the laser power

Typically: most applications use up to 1.25" and less.

10. Can you cut aluminum or other metals?

Yes, lasers process a variety of metals including aluminum, stainless, titanium, hastalloy, exotic metals and non-ferrous materials.

11. What sizes are available in 3-Axis laser machines?

Most common sizes are 4'x8' and 14'x100' and other special sizes are also available.

12. What brands of lasers are used?

Primarily PRC Lasers and IPG Fiber.

13. What are the advantages of laser cutting over other processes?

Superior edge quality is the biggest advantage since it eliminates the need for grinding or other secondary process. Also, minimal tooling and quick set-ups save time.

14. What are the advantages of NTC over other laser system manufacturers?

Quality equipment, superior service support and competitive pricing are the main advantages.

15. What is the length of time required for installation and training?

Within 30 days including installation, testing and training.

16. Where can I see your laser systems in operation?

Our demonstration center is located in Novi, MI.

17. How easy is it for a new operator to be trained and use the system?

Most operators can be trained within the one week training period provided by our qualified personnel. Maintenance training is usually just 2 days.

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