NTC America—Laser Group, (Novi, MI), a leading North American supplier of laser systems for industrial applications, announces the introduction of its latest, advanced series of lasers, the TLM 5-axis series featuring the dramatic performance characteristics of the Fiber Laser (Ytterbium) to enhance productivity, quality and operating cost.

The two technologies...the proven mechanical precision and reliability of the TLM Series for simple to complex 3-dimensional applications, high speeds, and high accuracies, is coupled with the latest Fiber Laser from IPG Photonics, a premier manufacturer of high-performance lasers. With power outputs of up to 50kW in both continuous wave and pulse modes and energy-efficient operation, theTLM Fiber Laser System is well suited for both high penetration welding and high precision cutting applications. The merged technologies offer the highest wall plug efficiency (30%) versus CO2 and Nd:YAG, resulting in the lowest per hour operating costs, and allows a wide range of applications as to workpiece material especially high quality aluminum cutting.

The Fiber Laser provides an operating range of from 10 percent to 105 percent of full power with no change in beam divergence or beam profile throughout the entire range. This allows the single laser to be utilized for both high-power and low-power applications and the versatility of either welding or precision cutting. The control of the beam means the system can use long focal-length processing lenses for vastly improved depth-of-field, or employ fiber lengths of up to 200 meters. Flexibility is multiplied with available multi-port switches, beam combiners, and a variety of fiber diameters. The variable power mode operation allows for welding applications that include body-in-white production, tailored blanks, remote welding, pipe welding, plate welding—and cutting uses such as hydro-formed parts, plate, and thin sheet metal along with brazing, powder deposition, hardening and drilling operations.

In addition to its wall plus efficiency and output power to 50kW, the TLM Fiber Laser offers 100,000 diode lifetimes, efficient air/water cooling (also resulting in dramatic reductions in chiller size and floor space requirements), virtually eliminates maintenance procedures, and presents operating costs per hour that are approximately 12% less than CO2-based systems, the closest competitive operating source.

The Fiber Laser performance is combined with the TLM precision, bridge-style laser system from NTC, offering a selection of six models with sizes ranging from 51 x 51 inches (1,300 x 1,300mm) to an expansive 110" x 169" (2,800mm x 4,300mm), and vertical travel of up to 31" (800mm). Though large, the TLM Series provide accuracies to +0.0012 in. (0.03mm) per 12 in. (300mm) of travel and at speeds from 1.2 in. to 1,181 in. (30mm to 30,000mm) per minute for quality, deep penetration control of welding operations or in high speed cutting applications.

In addition to the X, Y, Z, and the C-axis head angle and A-axis head rotation, the TLM control system allows for the option of a sixth axis control for rotary workholding units. No matter how many axes are in use, or how complex the workpiece shape or contours, the TLM Fiber Laser System is user friendly, utilizing PC-based controller and Microsoft XP operating system, plus built-in NTC developed programming routines, functions, macros and interactive programming guidance.

In addtion to the TLM Fiber Laser System, NTC America’s lineup of laser products includes the TLM models with CO2 lasers, the TLZ Series of 2-dimensional, 3-axis systems with flying optics, the TLV Series 3-axis hybrid machines for large, wide workpieces, and photo
the TLX Series of high power, 3-axis models in cantilever and gantry configurations.

NTC America—Laser Group has developed the new TLM Fiber Laser Series for cutting and welding (laser back and center photo)—combining the power output of up to 50kW, wall plug efficiencies of up to 30%, low operating costs plus precision, versatility, reliability, and high speeds—into one unit.

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